Nguyen Van Huyen

Nguyen Van Huyen
Nguyen Van Huyen


20 October 1900?


24 March 2011
Aurora, Colorado, USA


110 years, 155 days?


VietnamVIE United StatesUSA

Nguyen Van Huyen (20 October 1900? – 24 March 2011) was a Vietnamese-born American supercentenarian claimant.


Nguyen Van Huyen claimed to have been born in Thai Nguyen, Vietnam on 20 October 1900. He was a civic and lay Catholic Church Leader. As a result, he was imprisoned by the Communist for nearly two years in the Northern Vietnam for anti-Communist propaganda. He fled his native Vietnam for the United States in 1975. He practiced herbal medicine and cured thousands of adults and children over the 60 years of his career. He was active in the charitable organizations to relieve the sick and the poor and to rescue flood and tornado victims in Vietnam every year. He was a role model for children and adults all his life.

Nguyen Van Huyen died after the last blessing at Aurora South Medical Center in Aurora, Colorado, USA on 24 March 2011 at the claimed age of 110 years, 155 days.[1][2] He was survived by his five daughters, two sons, 46 grandchildren and 62 great-grandchildren.


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