Urban Dictionary: Yua

She will cry with

Yua is the nicest girl or woman you’ll ever meet! She will do anything to make you smile even when she’s sad. She gets excited over things that would probably never happen for a few years. She probably loves food and thats all shes going to want from her friends! She seems shy at first but when you actually meet her she will tell you dumb things 24/7. She makes every guy want to dump their girlfriends to get with her. She doesnt fall for guys that often but when she does that guy might as well be the luckiest guy in the world. She might not do sports but she’s smart and she has goals she sets for herself and she always succeed. She always talks bad about herself but deep down she knows its not true!She will cry with you no matter what, a panic attack or an anxiety attack . She will support you no matter what.

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