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If you haven’t been on TikTok, you probably think it’s just a bunch of teenagers and millennials taking on bizarre challenges and living their backup dancer dreams. While you aren’t totally wrong, rest assured there are plenty of other users sharing interesting and useful content on all kinds of topics, including life hacks, paranormal experiences, advice from medical and mental health professionals, DIY tutorials from experienced tradespeople, and even tips from fellow RVers! For the fun of it, and to see what all is out there, I let myself get lost in #rvlife on TikTok and found a couple of RVers you may want to check out. Beware- time flies by when you’re seeing it in 30-60 second snippets!

RV Tours

Whether you’re dipping your toe into RV life and exploring what options are ahead of you, or looking to change up your current rig, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn there are several RV dealers and manufacturers using TikTok to share brief video tours of their many styles of rigs. From vans to towables to Class A motorhomes, there is a little of something for everyone! I had the best luck finding these by searching for hashtags like #fifthwheel, #motorhome, #traveltrailer and similar hashtags related to the style you’re considering. You can also try searching for the brand or manufacturer in which you’re interested, such as #winnebago, #forestriver, #airstream, or #roadtrek.

First-Hand Experiences from TikTok-ers

You’ll also find a variety of RVing lifestyles on display across the 800 million user accounts. You’ve got your nomadic families, your solo travelers, those who travel full-time as well as those who live full-time in an RV in a single location. It’s also an interesting way to learn about how different people experience RVing! Some are driven by their career, such as travel nurses, while others run online boutiques or other self-built businesses as they enjoy more leisurely travel.

RVing Families

RVing on TikTok: 10+ Accounts and Hashtags To Follow 2@Thymeontheroad follows a family of five as they enjoy stationary life in a travel trailer. Their account is full of ideas on how to make an RV comfortable for their family, including updates, renovations, and even some simpler tips and tricks.

@Therunawayparents shares the adventures of a nomadic family of six, including roadschooling experiences, travel stops, and how they turned their toy hauler into a functional home on wheels.

RVing on TikTok: 10+ Accounts and Hashtags To Follow 3@themomtrotter is probably one of my favorite accounts to follow (and it doesn’t hurt that they’re fellow Escapees)! They are a family of three who live life to the fullest while checking out the U.S. and beyond. Mom and Dad work as influencers and bloggers, while their son Aiden is a budding chef, happily walking you through some of his favorite meals to cook for his family in their RV kitchen.

@fulltimefamilyadventures consists of Noelle and Casey and their two boys who homeschool/roadschool. They share insight into their budget, camping experiences, educating their kids, and more.

@trynsomethingnew follows a family of 5 as they live and travel full-time in their Class A motorhome, much of which they’ve updated and remodeled themselves.

@wildthornbaileys features an RVing family of SIX as they adventure around North America in their 5th wheel travel trailer.

RV Travels

@brittanymillington started her TikTok account on a whim to share her and her husband’s RVing adventures. She is a travel respiratory therapist and he does a bit of everything, finding a variety of ways to have fun while making an income. Their account highlights their experiences throughout their time on the road!.
Update: They began building a house in 2021/2022, and though still living in an RV, they are more stationary now. Still some great RV tips and experiences in their older content!

RVing on TikTok: 10+ Accounts and Hashtags To Follow 4@chasingharley follows a couple as they check out national parks, taking their truck camper to all sorts of interesting destinations.
Update: They haven’t posted any new content since 2020, though their past videos still offer great insight into truck camper-ing in national parks!

@adventureendeavor These fellow Xscapers enjoy sharing their travels on TikTok, Youtube, Instagram and more. Follow along as they take you to boondocking locations, state and national parks, and more. Update: They’re still on the road! Many of their more recent videos also dive into off-roading, including vehicle modifications, places to adventure, etc.

RVing on TikTok: 10+ Accounts and Hashtags To Follow 5@slowcarfasthome highlights the travels and excursions of Danielle and Tommy, full-time RVers of three years.




Tips & Tricks About RV Living

@baileygoesoutside is a great spot to learn about RV gear, DIY modifications and upgrades, finding camping spots, and more as Bailey and his wife travel full-time in their travel trailer.

RVing on TikTok: 10+ Accounts and Hashtags To Follow 6@fifth_wheel_living consists of a sassy, funny, husband and wife team and their 3 dogs. Through TikTok and Instagram, they share details about how they use their RV including storage, multi-purpose furniture, and the process of making their RV their home.

@changinglanesrv offer advice for campground life, RVing with motorcycles (and the many gorgeous side trips they enjoy with them!), traveling with pets, and other antics they get into along the way.

@england_endeavors follows a couple, Baylee and Griff England, and their RV life. They just recently learned their family is growing, meaning it’s the perfect time to see what it’s like RVing with an infant!

I hope you find these RVers as informational and entertaining as I have! If you’re on the hunt for even more to follow, try searching for hashtags like #rvlife, #rvliving, #rvtravel, #fulltimetravel, or #fulltimervliving.

Are YOU on TikTok? Feel free to drop your screen name in the comments below so other RVers can find you. You can also use the hashtags #xscapers and #escapeesrvclub to make your content easier for your fellow Xscapers to follow! Even if you aren’t on TikTok, many of these RVers also have Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube accounts by the same name so you can join them on whatever platform you prefer.

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