Mystery Surrounding Kang So-Ra’s Husband Intensifies As The Actor Welcomes Her Firstborn

South Korean actor Kang So-ra, best-known for her work in Doctor Stranger and Revolutionary Love, got married a while ago and recently gave birth to baby. It’s a lesser-known fact that Kang So-ra’s husband is a non-celebrity and she managed to keep their wedding event private. Read on to know about Kang So-ra’s husband and more about the actor.

Who is Kang So-ra’s husband? 

According to reports by Meaww, though not much is known about Kang So-ra’s non-celebrity husband, it was revealed how he is a doctor of oriental medicine and was in his late thirties. It was also revealed how Kang So-ra’s husband is known for his kind and gentlemanly personality and how he hails from an affluent family background. 

When did Kang So-ra get married? 

Kang So-ra got married in late August 2020 as announced by her agency. Her agency released a statement to reveal the wedding news in which it was stated how they were announcing some news regarding South Korean actor Kang So-ra and her older non-celebrity boyfriend. In the statement, it was announced that they had decided to tie the knot on August 29, 2020, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the ceremony got cancelled and replaced by a small ceremony with only the couple and their direct families to be present at the event. It was also stated that in consideration of Kang So-ra’s non-celebrity husband and the family, all details were to be kept private and urged the reporters to understand the situation. 

While Kang So-ra’s pregnancy was announced in November 2020, on April 15, 2021, a source from her agency revealed that she gave birth to a baby girl and informed that both Kang So-ra and her child were healthy.

Kang So-ra’s career

The actor began her acting career in 2009 with the movie 4th Period Mystery and later received a breakthrough in her career through the movie, Sunny. Kang So-ra then made a variety of appearances in television shows and rose to fame with the popular shows, Doctor Stranger and Misaeng: Incomplete Life. She also appeared in many music videos and even hosted a couple of award shows. Some of her other movies and shows include My Paparotti, Uhm Bok-dong, Secret Zoo, Warm and Cozy, Dream High 2, Ugly Alert and many more. 

Image Source- Kang So-ra’s Instagram

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