Kang So Ra to reunite with ‘Secret Zoo’ director for her comeback drama ‘Can We Be Strangers’?

Kang So Ra recently confirmed her appearance in Son Jae Gon’s new original series ‘Can We Be Strangers’ and started preparing for her work. Before her marriage, Kang So Ra worked with her in director Son Jae Gon’s film ‘Secret Zoo’ in 2020. After contemplating several works to choose her comeback, she decided to work together once again with the trust and faith of director Son Jae Gon built up at the time. 

‘Can We Be Strangers’ is a new work from Westworld Story, which produced ‘Tracer’, which became a box office series, and is currently discussing the release of the domestic OTT platform at the last minute. Previously, Kang So Ra got married to an oriental doctor who was 8 years older than her in August 2020. In addition, Kang So Ra announced her pregnancy through her agency in November of the same year after announcing her marriage, and received many congratulations after giving birth to her daughter in April 2021.

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