Google Doodle Celebrates Dr. Tôn Thất Tùng’s 110th Birthday

Today, Doodle for Google is celebrating Dr. Tôn Thất Tùng’s 110th Birthday, honoring the innovative surgeon who revolutionized the approach to liver resection surgery.

On this day in 1912, Dr. Tùng was born in Hué, Vietnam, which is a time when the French colonial government forced Vietnamese people to not get an advanced medical education.

But eventually, his strong efforts in protests against this harsh policy “forced the colonial government to allow Vietnamese students to take residency admissions exams in 1938.”

Dr. Tùng has done more than 200 successful liver surgeries and people celebrate Dr. Tôn Thất Tùng’s 110th Birthday as he became the first person to conduct such precise and accurate research on the organ.

Dr. Tùng founded a new surgery method that minimized bleeding by tightening the hepatic veins before the operation, shortening the operation down to only four to eight minutes. His groundbreaking technique, commonly known as the “Tôn Thất Tùng Method,”  is renowned by surgeons globally for its ability to reduce blood loss and save countless lives.

Today’s special “Dr. Tôn Thất Tùng’s 110th Birthday” is created by guest artist Chau Luong, which is now displayed on the home page of Google in specifically Germany and Vietnam.

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