Who is Nikko Jenkins? Age, wife, sister, father, interview, execution date, worth – Briefly.co.za

Who is Nikko Jenkins? Age, wife, sister, father, interview, execution date, worth – Briefly.co.za

Nikko Jenkins received a death sentence and a 450 year jail term from a three-judge panel in 2017. While in jail, he sliced his tongue into a snake-like shape and smeared blood on the walls, then tried to cut off his manhood to look like a giant Egyptian serpent god called Apophis. The convict claimed that Apophis told him to make the member look like a reptile.

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Nikko JenkinsConvicted spree killer Nikko Jenkins claims to have PTSD, schizophrenia, and bipolar disorder. However, psychiatrists think he is faking the symptoms to dodge his death sentence. Photo: @3NewsNow
Source: Facebook

Mutilating his member happened a few months after a botched attempt to carve 666 onto his forehead. Since he wasn’t looking into the mirror, Jenkins made a 999. So, you must be wondering, “what did Nikko Jenkins do to deserve the harsh judgement?” He was found guilty of four murders in Omaha, Nebraska.

Nikko Jenkins’ profile summary

  • Full name: Nikko Allen Jenkins
  • Born: 16th September 1986
  • Age: 35 years as of 2021
  • Zodiac sign: Virgo
  • Birthplace: Colorado, USA
  • Education: Highland Elementary School
  • Career: Professional criminal
  • Nationality: American
  • Ethnicity: White
  • Date of arrest: 30th August 2013
  • Conviction(s): 4 counts of 1st-degree murder
  • Court’s ruling: May 2017
  • Criminal penalty: Death and 450 years on charges of weapons
  • Weapons: 12-gauge shotgun
  • Detention: Tecumseh State Correctional Institution, Nebraska, USA
  • Parents: Lori Jenkins and David A. Magee
  • Siblings: 5
  • Marital status: Divorced
  • Ex-spouse: Chalonda Jenkins
  • Relationship status: Dating
  • Partner: Dawn Arguello
  • Religion: Devotee of the Egyptian god Apophis
  • Children: None
  • Height: 5 feet 8 inches
  • Net worth: $1-5 million
  • Instagram: nikkoluvslyssa

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Nikko Jenkins’ biography

Nikko Jenkins’ age is 35 years as of 2021, for he was born on 16th September 1986 in Colorado, USA. His parents raised him in Omaha, Nebraska, alongside his five siblings. What is Nikko Jenkins’ race? He belongs to the White ethnic group.

Nikko JenkinsHis family’s violent crimes’ history dates back to several past generations. Hence, Nikko was exposed to his parents’ physical abuse and criminal activities at a tender age. Photo: @Hùng Văn Phạm
Source: Facebook

Nikko Jenkins’ childhood and family history

Who is Nikko Jenkins’ father? David A. Magee (father) and Lori Jenkins (mother) had six children, even though they never officiated their marriage.

The Leverings had a good reputation throughout Omaha, Nebraska, for over 100 years. Levi Levering’s influence (the town’s tribal leader) went as far as Washington DC.

However, things fell apart when the clan recorded criminal acts like child neglect, drug abuse, theft, and murder. Therefore, Nikko’s parents were not surprised when he slaughtered four people in 2013.

Nikko Jenkins38 of the Levering descendants committed about 633 crimes in the past 4 decades, excluding mistrials, dropped charges and acquittals. Hence, most of them are languishing in jail. Photo: @krvn
Source: Twitter

His father was convicted for multiple crimes, including terroristic threats, before dying in 2009. Before Magee’s death, the 7-year-old Nikko was detained for taking a gun to his school, Highland Elementary School, and got a 21-year-sentence for carjacking at age 16. He also assaulted a guard on duty twice and participated in a prison riot.

Who is Nikko Jenkins’ wife?

Nikko married Chalonda Jenkins on 6th February 2010 at the Tecumseh State prison, and there is no record of them having children. The couple never met outside the prison environment.

His wife later had a child out of wedlock before ending their marriage. Afterwards, Dawn Arguello (a resident of Lubbock in Texas) fell in love with him in 2019. It is unclear whether they got married or not

Nikko JenkinsDawn Arguello refused to give details about their wedding in 2019, claiming he was manipulating and sensitive. Meanwhile, Nikko’s first marriage had already ended. Photo: @Gabriel Ajar Aloke
Source: Facebook

Nikko Jenkins’ murder history

The cops found Juan Uribe-Pena and Jorge C. Cajiga-Ruiz’s bodies on 11th August 2013 in a pick-up truck by the swimming pool at Spring Lake Park.

Juan was shot in the groin and head, while Jorge’s head had gunshot injuries. Later, Curtis Bradford’s body was found on 19th August 2013. He was shot in the back and dumped near 18th & Clark St, outside a detached garage.

Lastly, they retrieved Andrea Kruger’s corpse on 21st August 2013 on 168th St near Fort St, middle of the road. She had multiple shots on the face, neck and shoulder.

Nikko JenkinsNikko Jenkins’ family members who helped him commit the are also in jail. His mum was one of his accomplices. @Brennie Numesubo
Source: Facebook

Nikko was arrested on 30th August 2013 over unrelated terroristic threats charges that his wife reported. He was later linked to the killings when investigators found CCTV footage from a local gun outlet showing a woman buying guns matching what was used in the massacre.

As a result, Nikko Jenkins’ interview of eight hours made him confess to the murders on 3rd September. He even claimed he killed them as sacrifices to the Egyptian snake god Apophis/Apep.

Nikko JenkinsNikko was sentenced to death in May 2017. Meanwhile, his other partner in crime/sister (Erica) petitioned to change her name to Elluminati Egoddess Erikka Prestige. Photo: @Brennie Numesubo
Source: Facebook

Before the 2017 death sentence, he filed a $24.5 million lawsuit against Nebraska city in 2014 for wrongfully releasing him from prison, and the Douglas County District Court convicted Nikko’s mum on two accessory counts in 2015.

Lori Jenkins hid evidence about buying weapons her son used to kill his victims and helped him dispose of clothing that had gunshot residue with Warren Levering’s help.

She will be out of jail around 2028 at age 61 because she was added 5-6 years more on top of the 10-year federal sentence for providing her son with guns.

Who is Nikko Jenkins? Age, wife, sister, father, interview, execution date, worthHe blamed Nebraska city for ignoring his claims of hearing Apophis’ voices. Hence, Apophis made him kill the three men and the woman within ten days of regaining freedom. Photo: @Truecrimewithrenee
Source: Facebook

Nikko Jenkins’ sister, Erica Jenkins, is serving a life sentence at the Nebraska Centre for Women for helping him kill his third victim, Curtis Bradford. Also, she and her cousin, Christine Bordeaux, lured his first two victims to their deaths.

Meanwhile, Erica’s younger sister, Lori Sayles, was charged with Bradford’s murder and accused of hiding the murder weapon. The other sister, Melonie Jenkins, has never been incarcerated.

She testified against Erica and was a mother of three children under age 7 when she was charged with several violent felonies unrelated to Bradford’s murder.

Nikko JenkinsNikko has a notorious history of self-mutilation, yet prison guards did not know how he hid blades. A Manson-style mark with a swastika between his eyes needed 27 stitches. Photo: @721144321231178
Source: Facebook

Nikko Jenkins’ uncle, Warren Levering, got a 40-year- sentence for helping him rob and kill Andrea Kruger. Luckily, his sentence was cut by half. Hence, Warren was released from the Oklahoma prison in 2020.

Nikko Jenkins said he disfigured his body under the voice commands of a serpent god. However, some psychiatrists insisted that he did not genuinely have schizophrenia.

Instead, they presumed Nikko faked mental issues before trial. As a result, his death-penalty hearing was postponed when another self-mutilation incident struck. Furthermore, it took the judge a year to declare him competent to stand trial.

Nikko JenkinsOnline sources estimate Nikko Jenkins’ net worth as $1-5 million. Most of it is from criminal activities. He is currently at the Tecumseh State Correctional Institution in Nebraska. Photo: @OWHCrime
Source: Twitter

Is Nikko Jenkins still alive?

The convict is at the Nebraska Correctional facility and still on America’s death row. A special prosecutor reviewed criminal charges against a prison psychologist connected to his case.

So, when will Nikko Jenkins be put to death? Nikko Jenkins’ execution date has not been set since the courts cannot execute mentally ill people. Catch the whole story from Nikko Jenkins’ documentary, Behind The Madness: Nikko Jenkins.

Meanwhile, Nikko Jenkins’ Instagram profile has 250 followers, and people make fun of him by creating witty Nikko Jenkins memes.

Nikko JenkinsThe US Supreme Court rejected his appeal on 20th April 2020 because his case has many peculiarities, including hailing from a family of felons. Photo: @Gabriel Ajar Aloke
Source: Facebook

Does Nikko Jenkins deserve a second chance? Although justice must prevail, people who believe he is mentally sick suggest medical attention instead of a death sentence.

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