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Base Information

JP Name

Naito Suzu (内藤鈴)
Bell / Belle (ベル)







Hair Color

Dark brown
Pink (Belle)

Eye Color

Russet brown
Blue (Belle)


Suzu’s Father
(†)Suzu’s Mother (†)





Kaho Nakamura


Kylie McNeill

Suzu Naito, also known as her virtual reality alter-ego Bell(e), is the main character of the movie “Belle”.


Suzu is a regular 17-year old high school student, who lives in the rural countryside of Kochi Prefecture with her father. Learning to love music from a young age, she used to share a close relationship to her mother, who encouraged her to compose music and to sing together. At the age of six, she lost her mother due to a weather accident, leaving Suzu to wonder why a stranger’s life was more important than raising her own daughter. The loss resulted in a mental trauma, causing Suzu to lose her passion for music, as the mere attempt would result in severe nausea. After closing her heart off to the rest of the world, Suzu and her father grew more and more distant. On her days off she wears a comfortable white T-shirt with blue jeans.

Suzu is shy and quiet around strangers, having a difficult time making friends outside of the people she had been familiar with since her early childhood. She is kind, mild-mannered and polite. While taking on her persona of “Belle”, she is glamorous and confident, but she is humble and does not let the fame get to her head. Both Suzu and Belle are compassionate, empathetic, selfless, loyal and brave.


Suzu is a young girl of high school age with pale skin and russet brown eyes. Her dark brown hair, which sometimes can appear as a brownish-black, is kept in a bob-cut that reaches down to her shoulders, with messy bangs covering her forehead. Several freckles are scattered across her cheeks. Suzu is usually seen wearing her high school uniform, which consists of a white t-shirt, a red ribbon, black shoes, and a long blue plated skirt. Optional is a grey pullover worn on colder days.

As Her Alter ego, Belle, Her appearance is altered drastically as she then turns into a very beautiful woman with pink hair that extends to her knees with blue eyes, fair skin, freckles in a straight line, white lines on her face and full red lips, and can be seen wearing a red-themed costume in the introduction of the movie when she is belle.

Early Life

Suzu grew up as a single child in the rural countryside of Kochi Prefecture, enjoying a happy childhood raised by a loving father and mother. At an early age, she discovered music through a keyboard phone app and would begin singing together with her mother. When she was six years old, a terrible downpour flooded the village, threatening to carry away a child that had been stranded on an isolated island. Suzu watched her mother rush into the growing stream without returning.

Discovering U

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Who are you?

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Hiroka is Suzu’s best friend and manager of her identity as Belle. As the first person aware of her secret, she works tirelessly to establish a virtual presence for Suzu, wanting her to be able to cheer up again and regain her passion for music. The two share an open and close friendship in which blind trust is not a question, though Hiro does not seem fond of the fact that Suzu is always crying. Suzu refers to her as “Hiro-chan”.

Shinobu is Suzu’s childhood friend, who vouched to protect her from potential bullies after she had lost her mother at the age of six. Suzu initially mistook this promise as a proposal, resulting in a crush that carried into her high school days. While the two care deeply about each other, Suzu does not manage to confess her feelings for him, despite repeatedly trying to gain the courage to do so, even willing to give him up for Luka to have. Following the events inside U, Shinobu expresses his relief that he can finally lie down his role as protector and simply return to being friends with Suzu.

Chikami is a good friend of Suzu, whom she refers to as “Kamichi”. She is incredibly supportive of his determination to found a canoeing club in their high school, excited to learn that he qualified for the nationals. She later helps Chikami and Luka start a relationship, after the two end up too shy to properly face each other.


  • The name “Suzu” (鈴) directly translates to “Bell” in Japanese, inspiring the name of her alter ego. She is later redubbed “Belle” by her fanbase, the French word for “beautiful”. This name is a direct nod to “Beauty and the Beast (La Belle et la Bête)“, a classic fairy tale which served as an inspiration for the movie’s thematic of a beautiful girl getting to know a terrible beast’s true nature.


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