Student Leadership Educators Network

The Cornell Student Leadership Educators Network (SLEN) is open to faculty and staff dedicated to the promotion of student leadership development at the university. At monthly meetings, the group shares emerging developments and best practices, dialogues across curricular and co-curricular dimensions of leadership development such as foundational leadership competencies, and collaborates on projects and events. The current iteration of SLEN builds upon a rich history of professional staff and faculty members dedicated to student leadership development at Cornell.

SLEN steering committee members 2022-23: Sylvie Froncek, Renee Poullott, and Mike Bishop.

Upcoming Sessions

Fall SLEN Meet-up/Catch-up
Friday, October 28  9-10:30am
Location TBA
We will use this time to reconnect with each other and explore how to reanimate the network.

SLEN-L Mailing List

The SLEN-L mailing list is how you find out about monthly meetings, share and learn about student leadership events and initiatives, and ask relevant questions of the group.

Anyone within the Cornell community is welcome to join this mailing list and post messages to it as long as s/he remains respectful and on topic.

To subscribe, send an e-mail to [email protected] with the subject line reading: join. (If you have trouble, see these instructions.)

Please remember to send this message from the e-mail address where you want to receive our message.

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