Protocols for IP Multicast (pim)

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Protocols for IP Multicast (pim)

Charter for

Working Group

The Protocols for IP Multicast (PIM) working group, is chartered to work on multiple IP multicast protocols. The Working Group is responsible for the maintenance of PIM, IGMP, and MLD.

The Working Group will work on the following specific items:

1) Management: YANG models for PIM, IGMP, and MLD will be developed, for both configuration and operational states. If updates to existing MIB modules are necessary, the WG may work on those.

2) Improve PIM authentication.

3) Improve and Extend PIM Join Attributes to support different types of multicast applications.

4) Optimization approaches for IGMP and MLD to adapt to link conditions in wireless and mobile networks and be more robust to packet loss.

Additional work items may be added with a recharter.

The WG should discuss and develop new ideas related to multicast protocols and distribution of multicast related information.

The WG is expected to use its extensive multicast knowledge to actively review and participate in WG Last Calls with multicast work that occurs in other WGs, such as MBONED, LISP, MPLS, BESS, ROLL, and BIER. The WG should investigate any extensions needed to support other work and, if additional work is required, the WG may be rechartered to accomplish the specific extensions.



Associated documents

Jul 2016

Adopt a draft which provides improvements to pim authentication

Jul 2016

pim ssm yang model submitted to iesg

Apr 2016

pim sm yang model submitted to iesg

Apr 2016

submit solutions for IGMP and MLD to adapt to wireless link conditions

Nov 2015

Submit PIM Join Attributes for LISP Environments to IESG

Nov 2015

Resubmit explicit-rpf-vector draft to IESG

Nov 2015

mld yang model submitted to iesg

Nov 2015

igmp yang model submitted to iesg

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