“Hatsune Miku”, “Kagamine Rin”, “Kagamine Len”, “Megurine Luka”, “KAITO” and “MEIKO” (collectively called the “Piapro Characters”) are characters developed for a line of singing voice synthesizer products by Crypton Future Media, INC.

This software, which can recreate a singing voice carefully recorded and processed for each character, makes it possible to generate an entire song’s vocal parts by simply entering a melody and lyrics on your computer.

Shortly after the release of the software, fans and users started creating a massive amount of music and videos, and uploaded them on video-sharing websites. The publishing of these works stimulated the creative impulse of users to compose, remix, and further collaborate with each other on new projects.

Each character’s vocal expression is unique, and can be further edited according to the user’s sensibility and style. As Crypton Future Media’s CEO Hiroyuki Itoh says: “There are many different values and ways of thinking, so if there are 1,000,000 users then there should be 1,000,000 different ways of thinking.”

Moreover, these characters are not only featured in the artworks of many creators across the world, but they also come to life in 3D-projection concerts centered around their most iconic member Hatsune Miku, and their popularity is continuously spreading globally!

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