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New skins. Will they be cheaper?

The super galaxy skins. They will cost 975 rp later? When?

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Ardent on…

I saw some champions being built with ardent censer, because well, it’s really good right now. I played ivern and taric with ardent censer and the heals and shields were quite strong. I heard that someone also played nidalee ardent censer. What…

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ad nidalee

is ad nidalee jungle viable? if so what would you build on it?

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Nida Jungle:start with Q or W

H[b]allo guys, i have a small problem.Watching LCK ,LCS LPL, and streams i am a bit confused, i don’t know which skill should i first use on nidalee jungle.Should i start with Q or W and why? Also which boots i should use cdr or magic penetration…

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Nidalee: The most Brokeen Champ in the game.

Anyone else agree with me? I saw her 1 shot my ADC full health with a Spear. Either Rito needs to fix her and stop doing other stuff or more and more people are going to play this broken champ. (I salty right now because I just played against a…

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On which champs/cases is athene’s better than morellonomicon

after a 4 month break —
title said all 🙂 is athene’s sometimes better than morello (morello now new meta?)

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Why did Nidalee become a jungler?

So i know that the recent patch let nidalee hunt monsters and i could see how that would be useful for her in the jungle but is there anything specific that made tons of people start trying her in jungle?
Is it just because she can now get…

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Nidalee’s best skin?

after playing nidalee jungle i decided to buy a nid skin. but which one should i get? which skin looks best in game to you guys?

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Specific support’s first gold income item?

As in support [[Nidalee]], I’ve been torn between [[spellthief’s edge]] and [[ancient coin]]. Her [[javelin toss]] will hurt a lot with edge, but they are also unreliable. (I know she’s getting a rework soon but it’s nice to know.)

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Iceborn Gauntlet or Tri Force on Bruiser Nidalee Top?

I have been playing a lot of Nidalee Bruiser top lane recently, and when I watch pro players play Nidalee top, the majority of the time they go [[Iceborn Gauntlet]], even if the enemy team is not mostly attack damage. Why is [[Iceborn Gauntlet]]…

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Nidalee; AD or AP?

I’m looking into learning [[Nidalee]] for top lane. I’m curious as to which is better for top, AD or AP, and also what builds and masteries are optimal. Some of the most successful [[Nidalee]]’s I’ve seen actually run somewhat Bulky AP with Frozen…

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