Nhuong Tran

Nhuong Tran is an Applied Economic Scientist at WorldFish. He joined WorldFish as a Postdoctoral Fellow in 2011 to work on impact assessment studies related to climate change vulnerability, adaptation, and mitigation in fisheries and aquaculture. He was promoted to Scientist in 2013 and since then serves as the focal point for WorldFish’s work on economic modelling and foresight analysis. His research focuses on economic modelling and foresight analysis of aquatic food systems, fish supply-demand analysis, economic assessment of climate change adaptation and mitigation, and economic analysis of technological change and global drivers of change in fisheries and aquaculture. Before joining WorldFish, Nhuong worked for the Research Institute for Aquaculture No1 (RIA1) in Vietnam. He holds a Ph.D. in Applied Economics with a Statistic Minor, a MSc degree in Rural Sociology and a MSc degree in Economics from Auburn University, USA; a MS degree in management of natural resources and sustainable agriculture from the Norwegian University of Life Sciences; and an Aquaculture Engineering degree from Nha Trang University, Vietnam.


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