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Nguyễn Thành Công

Hình ảnh Nguyễn Thành Công

Native name

Nguyễn Thành Công (PowerPoint)


18 April 2002




(age 20)

Hải Phòng, VietNamResidence



Đại học Hàng Hải Việt NamOccupation

  • Content Creators

Years active

2020- presentKnown for

Content Creators.Home town

Hải Phòng, VietNamHeight



Nguyen Thanh Cong is a Vietnamese content creator. The person who is best known is a well-rounded person rather than a businessman. He was born on April 18, 2002 in Hai Phong City district, Vietnam. Currently, he is born and working in Cat Ba, Hai Phong, Vietnam and his stage name is Nguyen Thanh Cong PowerPoint.


Nguyen Thanh Cong Recently He created a lot of PowerPoint Slides and shared them for free on the TikTok platform. Many of his videos have become famous. He works with famous people. Recently his content has become very popular. Creative Video Slide. Being noticed by the media.


Success is often inspired by trends on Tik Tok and applies them to topics that many students are interested in. That’s why your PowerPoint templates captivate your audience with trendy content and unique designs.

It can be seen that making a presentation once requires a lot of effort and dedication. However, Cong is sharing his work for free online. The 2002 male student revealed a very simple reason: “Because of passion”.

In the process of sharing PowerPoint templates, receiving many compliments and encouragements from everyone, Thanh Cong is even more motivated to help students reduce the burden when making presentations.

“I’m a student myself, so I understand the feeling of having a lot of difficulties in studying, so this is why I share it with everyone without taking any fees.”

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