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Nene Interactive Suicide

Resident Pico

Newgrounds Rumble

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Friday Night Funkin’)[1]

19 (




Determinant (Pico’s School)
Alive (Pico 2)



Unnamed mother
Unnamed grandmother


– friend
– friend
– teacherJordan Katalano – boyfriend Pico – friend Darnell – friend Mr. Flacit – teacher



Media information


Nene Interactive Suicide (1999)


Latest appearance

Friday Night Funkin’ (upcoming)



Nene Interactive Suicide)Tom Fulp , Sean (

Now… How should I go about killing myself???

Nene, Nene Interactive Suicide

Nene (pronounced nay-nay)[2] is the main character of Nene Interactive Suicide and a friend of Pico and Darnell. She is a popular Asian girl with suicidal tendencies and signs of promiscuity.

General information

Physical appearance

Nene wears a pink dress, lighter pink pants and shirt, and has slanted white eyes. Her hair is black and includes a pink headband. In Nene Interactive Suicide and Pico’s School, she has herpes all over her mouth. In Pico Roulette, she is also shown with large buck teeth, much like a stereotypical depiction of an Asian. They are also present in her images for the old Newgrounds art vote section, albeit significantly scaled down.


Nene is a suicidal girl with an addiction to sharp melee weapons and promiscuous tendencies. Like Pico, she is very “popular” at school, claiming in Nene Interactive Suicide that she will be in the yearbook with Jordan Katalano as “Best Couple”. Her sexual deviance is also well-known by her peers, being both a sadist and a masochist, to the point that some believed she was even more depraved in that regard; but this was all pure gossip, as she does appear to have some limits. Ironically, she is a Christian, as there is a bible on her nightstand, and she makes a prayer to God to end her life.

Along with her convictions, she also believes in dying “with honor,” notably when discovering she had contracted herpes. This leads to her committing (or at least attempting) suicide to avoid being humiliated by her peers.


The following is based solely on canonical information.
Characters unrelated to the Pico franchise are not included.

Pico and Nene have been confirmed to be friends. Despite this, their interactions are often unpleasant – in Pico’s School, Nene begs Pico to kill her, and in Resident Pico, Nene coldly rejects his offer to protect her from the zombies because she prefers to “have [her] brains eaten”. Though in the latter game, she does advise him to run, meaning that at the very least she doesn’t want him to die.

However, a sneak peek of an upcoming update for Friday Night Funkin’ shows Nene throwing knives at Pico as he runs away from her. The reasoning behind this is currently unclear.

Darnell and Nene have been confirmed to be friends, but they have never actually interacted on-screen, implying that they’re not all that close.


Nene Interactive Suicide

In Nene Interactive Suicide, Nene wakes up with herpes after kissing “Jordan Katalano” the night before. Once she realizes her current situation, Nene decides to “die with honor” and kill herself by either drinking milk (as she is lactose intolerant), hanging herself on the ceiling fan, praying to the Lord and getting struck by a lightning bolt, jumping out of the window, shooting herself with a gun, or cutting her wrist open with a razorblade. Ultimately, the choice is left to the player. If the razorblade is chosen, Nene has a brief conversation with her mother as she bleeds out.

Pico’s School

In Pico’s School, Nene is in the school hallway, where she begs Pico to end her life due to her not wanting to live through the blood and violence any longer. By the players’ choice, Pico can either shoot her or spare her. Canonically, however, she ends up surviving the massacre.

Pico vs. Überkids

In Pico vs. Überkids, Nene is one of the few students left alive after the school shooting, along with Pico and Darnell. She is one of the playable characters, facing off against Übersam in a game of Rock Paper Scissors Roulette.

Pico 2

In the demo for the cancelled Pico’s School sequel Pico 2, the Ghettobots join Pico’s class to replace the dead students one week after the school shooting, rather than six months later as previously stated in Pico’s School.
Nene makes a non-speaking cameo appearance in the intro, and doesn’t play a bigger role for the remainder of the demo.

Resident Pico

In Resident Pico, Nene appears at the start of the game to warn Pico about the incoming zombies. Although Pico says he will protect her, Nene rebukes this, stating that she “can’t wait to get her brains eaten” before running off.

Pico Roulette

In Pico Roulette, Nene is one of the playable characters.

Pico’s School: Love Conquers All

In Pico’s School: Love Conquers All, instead of begging Pico to end her life, she is on her way to the bathroom. She has a brief but pleasant conversation with Pico and Cassandra.

Friday Night Funkin’

A sneak peek of an upcoming update for Friday Night Funkin’ confirms Nene as an opponent or major character, as she is seen attacking Pico with her knives.

The content below is not official to the Pico franchise.

Newgrounds Rumble

In Newgrounds Rumble, Nene appears as a playable character, wielding two knives to fight. She enters the battle to become “King of the Portal” in order to prove that she’s more than just the group token girl. At the end of her story mode, Nene commits suicide days after becoming ruler due to her not being able to handle the pressure. Convict then disguises himself as Nene and takes her place.


This looks so much easier on television… I never knew this took so long!

Nene, Nene Interactive Suicide

What a pupu platter.

Mom’s gonna flip when she sees these walls!
Nene, Nene Interactive Suicide



What is wrong with my mouth?!

Nene, Nene Interactive Suicide
Dear Lord, who art in heaven… Please free my soul from this earth and welcome it in your holy kingdom. End my life, and I shall be eternally grateful.
Nene, Nene Interactive Suicide
Protect me? Protect yourself! I can’t wait to have my brains eaten!
Nene, Resident Pico

The day of reckoning has come.

Nene, Nene Interactive Suicide

Oh god! The blood! The violence! The tension! I don’t want to live through another minute of this! Please end my life, and spare me this anxiety!

Nene, Pico’s School

I must die with honor! HARI KARI!!!

Nene, Nene Interactive Suicide

That’s some hot wasabi!


I can’t wait until tonight – the prom! We’ll be in the yearbook as best couple!

Nene, Nene Interactive Suicide
Oh, hi Pico! I was just on my way to the bathroom. Beautiful day today, isn’t it?
Nene, Pico’s School: Love Conquers All



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