Madame François Buron | The Art Institute of Chicago

Probably in the sitter’s possession [for the descent of this portrait and the companion portrait of François Buron, see Schnapper in Paris 1989-90, p. 44, under no. 2]; probably by descent to her daughter, Marie Françoise Buron, who married François Charles Seigneur; probably by descent to their daughter, Alexandrine Marie Louise, who married Charles François Baudry; probably by descent to their son, A. Baudry, and his wife (both d. 1903), by 1879; probably in 1903 to Mme Baudry’s brother, M. Dussault (or Dussaud), and his wife [according to London 1948 and Péreire 1907]; presumably by descent to M. Regnault, a family member, Paris, until 1925; offered for sale, Hôtel Drouot, Paris, 22 June 1905, no. 2 (ill.), bought in [subsequently lent by Regnault to Paris 1913]; sold by Regnault to Wildenstein, Paris in 1925; transferred from Wildenstein, Paris, on 22 March 1939; inventoried in Wildenstein, New York, stock on 27 February 1940 [ Ay-Whang Hsia of Wildenstein, conversation with Martha Wolff 4 November 2003, note in curatorial file]; sold by Wildenstein to the Art Institute, 1963.

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