Louise Sund – School of Humanities, Education and Social Sciences – Örebro University

About Louise Sund

Louise Sund is an experienced upper secondary school teacher, a certified teacher and an associate professor in Education. She has been at Mälardalen University’s School of Education, Culture and Communication since 2003 and she has been working part-time at Örebro University’s School of Humanities, Education and Social Sciences since 2009. She is the research education coordinator in didactics and senior lecturer in the teacher education programmes at Mälardalen University and currently a researcher in education at Örebro University (2018-2021).

She is a member of the research environment SMED (Studies of Meaning-Making in Educational Discourses) at Örebro University, a cross-university research environment in the field of didactics and educational science and the research group ESERGO (Environmental and Sustainability Education Research Group Örebro) whose research examines empirically and theoretically the ethical and political aspects of environmental and sustainability education. She is also a member of the research group SOS-ED (Studies on Social Sustainability in Education) at Mälardalen University that gathers members who have an interest in formal and non-formal education and learning processes for the social aspect of sustainability.

Her PhD research took its point of departure in the change of emphasis in the field of environmental and sustainability education towards the inclusion of social and human development issues. Louise current research draws on postcolonial and decolonial theoretical resources to examine productive pedagogical tensions in the intersections between environmental and sustainability education and global citizenship education. She has worked on a number of projects seeking to understand the challenges that teachers face when addressing global equity and justice issues in their classrooms and identify how this work can be developed and supported.

Louise is a regular reviewer for a number of international journals such as Environmental Education Research, Journal of Curriculum Studies, Journal of Moral Education and Sustainability, for the last-mentioned journal she is also a member of the editorial board as topic editor. She is also a member of the convenor group and reviewer for network Environmental and Sustainability Education Research for the European Conference on Educational Research. She is a regular presenter at this conference having presented there since 2012.

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