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Vietnamese-English course

I am Huong, a Vietnamese student living in Budapest who have experience in teaching languages. I have taught in 3 different language centers and I am confident in using English to explain you the knowledge clearly. Besides, i can speak a little Chinese which is quite convenient to get along if you are from China. Though the it is not an easy language, i promise to help you use it in the easy effectove way. Besides, i can teach English for native Vietnamese speakers as well. Give us a chance to meet and to learn the really cool Vietnamese – English!

Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is it to learn Vietnamese in Budapest?

There are a lot of Vietnamese people in the city, you can find practising environment. Besides i will try to spend time with you practising it

Is it difficult to learn Vietnamese in Budapest?

Yes a little, because the pronunciation is hard, so you need morr time to learn

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