Lam Vissay

Lam Vissay is a German actor and singer-songwriter of Vietnamese and Laotian descent.

Be it in stories, poems or songs, Lam spends much of his time living within his passions, forever searching for that next unique idea or feeling. But taking this path has caused him to make sacrifices along the way…

“If I followed my parents wishes, my life may have been more secure. But it’s unclear if I would be happier, probably not. I do feel very happy that I am able to do what I want. Being an artist, I am able to breathe my passion…”

1998-2000 he went to acting school (Das Theater der Keller) in Germany, where he appeared in numerous film and theater productions

He lives currently in Vietnam and was nominated for “best actor ” at the

Vietnamese television VTV awards 2017 (Vietnam’s Emmys) and 2018 for the tv shows “Giọt Nước Mắt Muộn Màng” and “Thương nhớ ở ai”.


Short film “UnLOCK”, writer, director, producer: Lâm Vissay

Short film “Tim”, writer/director/producer/actor: Lâm Vissay

Short film “Other Side”, writer/director/producer/actor: Lâm Vissay

Music video “Đêm Ấy”, writer/director/producer/actor: Lâm Vissay

Acting reel:

Commercial reel:

Music video , writer/producer/actor: Lâm Vissay, 2 Million YouTube-views:

Music video, lead role, with 180 Million YouTube-views:

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