Jung Jiwoo, Older Sister Of BTS’s J-Hope, To Tie The Knot With Non-Celebrity Boyfriend

YouTuber and fashion influencer Jung Jiwoo will be getting married next month!

On April 5, a source from Cube Entertainment shared that Jung Jiwoo and her non-celebrity boyfriend who is older than her will be tying the knot in May.

The couple has been preparing for their wedding since last year, and in August 2020, she hinted via social media that she is likely to get married between September and October 2021.

In one interview, she mentioned her husband-to-be, saying, “We are similar in many ways, and we both love work and are independent, so I think I will have a similar daily life after marriage. He is someone I can always count on, and I feel strengthened knowing that there is now another person on my side.”

Jung Jiwoo is BTS’s J-Hope’s older sister, and she currently runs her own fashion company and online shopping mall. Her YouTube channel MEJIWOO has 1.67 million subscribers, and she recently joined Cube Entertainment.

Congratulations to Jung Jiwoo!

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