Jung Ji Woo, J-Hope’s elder sister, takes a career jump; signs a contract with Cube Entertainment

She’s the CEO of the fashion company AJLOOK, the internet shopping mall Mejiwoo, and FUN THE MENTAL eyewear brand. Not only a CEO, she’s also an extremely popular lifestyle and fashion influencer with a YouTube channel titled MEJIWOO, boasting a total of 1.67 million subscribers, at the time of writing this. On Instagram, she has a nice and steady 7.5 million followers!

On March 22, Cube Entertainment announced that the famous lifestyle influencer and BTS’ J-Hope’s older sister, Jung Ji Woo, has signed an exclusive contract with them. This will be a huge career jump for her as she’s already an entrepreneur running three different businesses, in the fashion industry itself.

Cube hasn’t revealed any more details about the contract but she might be working for talent representation and management. Cube released statements saying that Ji-woo has signed an exclusive contract with Cube Entertainment’s and is now a part of their family. It also asked the audience to give lots of attention and love for her future endeavours, as she moves forward with Cube Entertainment.

The news comes off as a slight surprise to the fans, majorly the part of fans who are ARMYs, as she’s also known as J-Hope’s elder sister. With Big Hit Labels turning into HYBE and taking many different agencies under its roof, with no chance of slowing down at all, it’s quite a mystery why Ji Woo would choose a different company than the super successful one of her brother’s. Whatever reason it may be, we wish Jung Ji Woo all the very best!

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