How math teacher turned model Pietro Boselli gets his ultra-toned body

Could you share a beauty secret?
I believe that the quality of your skin, hair and body overall is the result of a balanced diet, eating homemade, fresh and traditional food. Also using common sense when it comes to beauty products: too much is never good!

What have you started doing over the past 5 years that has dramatically improved your life?
I started eating more pizza, it makes me happy.

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How do you fix looking tired?
Remember your body is always telling you something. Listen to it. If you look tired then it is time to change a few things in your life.

At what point and how did you decide that you didn’t need to increase your muscle mass more and that you and felt good about your body?
I’m not sure that I have ever felt that. I will always work out because I enjoy it and the goal will always to be better and stronger! Of course at some point your body reaches an optimum, and then it is just a matter of tiny improvements while maintaining the overall health of joints, bones and muscles!

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