Hatsune Miku Project DIVA: Mega Mix

Tap Play functionality has been added to “Arcade Mode.”
Play using the touch screen during handheld and tabletop modes.
*This function is not supported in TV mode.

  • [Recommended Playstyle]
    Place the Switch console on a flat surface like in the image on left. [Use your index and middle fingers] to tap the screen.

    By tapping the buttons on the bottom of the screen, you can relive the feel of playing on the DIVA Arcade!

● Settings

The new [Tap Play] setting under [Customize]→[Game/Controls]→[Arcade Mode] is now available.

Change the setting to ON to enable [Tap Play] during handheld and tabletop modes.

*Button Support Display and Controller Vibration are disabled during [Tap Play].
*Make sure the [Specialized Controller] setting is OFF.


The on-screen button display can be changed from the [Melody Icon settings].

● How to Play

After adjusting the above settings, you can now play using [Tap Play] in handheld and tabletop modes.

Each button press is detected by tapping the 4 vertically separated zones on the screen. Tap or tap and hold the area assigned to melody icons to score the notes. Slide and Chain Slide icons can be scored by flicking in the direction of the arrow anywhere on the screen.

*Other controllers, such as the Joy-Con™, cannot be used during [Tap Play]!


• The outer frame (bezel) is out of detection zone for Tap Play.
*Taps will not be detected about 1cm from the bottom-most part of the screen . Please make sure to tap the LCD screen.


• It’s possible to tap two buttons at once with one finger. See the below diagram.

[Tap Play] can also be played with a single- or double-thumb style, like in the images below.

* When playing thumb style, some technique is involved (such as using your index finger to score during a three-button hold).

* Be careful not to drop the Switch console when holding with both hands.

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