HANAH MOUNTAIN RESORT AND COUNTRY CLUB – Updated 2022 Reviews (Margaretville, NY)

This is a review after our stay at the Hanah House, the private cabin at Hanah Mountain Resort. I and 5 other guests rented the Hanah House for two nights while in town for a wedding. The biggest complaints: The Hanah House was not clean, amenities were broken, and we were treated dismissively by the Hanah manager, Deb. Shortly after checking in, we noticed the heat was not working. We called into the main lobby, and maintenance promptly came and turned on the heat to the bedrooms and left a space heater in the main room until they could fix it the next day. I was very pleased about how quickly maintenance handled it, this is not a complaint about that. But it’s just the first of many issues illustrating that the Hanah House was not at all made ready for guests prior to our

arrival. We quickly discovered: – There were dirty towels on the floor in the master bathroom (pictured below). They had been there so long that a spider had built a web between them and the bathtub. – There was leftover food baked onto a pan left in the oven (pictured below). I can only assume it was from the same party that left the cobwebbed dirty towels. This made the oven unusable. – There were flies in the house, and multiple dead ones on the carpet in each of the bedrooms. – we also had complaints about the fact that the electric fireplace did not work, and that there were no comforters in the room. I was satisfied by the manager’s explanation that the fireplace is a fire hazard, and does not work by design, and that the comforters have been removed due to covid protocol. Over the next few nights, we discovered that multiple things were broken: – The first night, the fire alarm in the main room began beeping, indicating it needed its battery changed. To me this indicates the hotel does not regularly check them. – The second morning, when the 6 of us were running around getting ready for the wedding, we discovered the shower head in the master bath did not work and only produced a trickle of water.  – We also discovered that the hairdryer in the master bath, the only one in the house, did not work. I asked specifically ahead of time if they had hairdryers and irons available anticipating we would need them for the wedding.  When we checked out, we let the front desk know about our issues and they told us they’d notify the manager, Deb, and ask her to call us. Deb called me the next day, but when I asked if there was anything she could do about all the problems we experienced, or if it would be possible to get partial compensation since the house wasn’t up to par, she refused. She assigned the issues to the fact that the house is a rustic cabin. I understand that the house is not a 5-star mansion, but things were broken, dirty, and the house did not appear to be ready for guests when we checked in.  My partner asked her if she could speak to upper management. When I checked in with her two days later, she informed me that upper management held the same position. She also cut me off when I was speaking to say goodbye and hang up on me.  I have never asked for compensation or complained before about a hotel. I understand these are usually run by people doing their best to provide for their guests, and mistakes do happen. But the house was dirty, amenities were broken, and the most we got was a “sorry, but it’s a cabin.”

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