English THCS – Tìm lỗi sai và sửa lại

ĐĂNG BÀI NGAY để cùng trao đổi với các thành viên siêu nhiệt tình & dễ thương trên diễn đàn.

1. My uncle was a music. He has a large collection of musical instruments.
2. Vietnamese women prefer wear modern clothing at work.
3. Peter got dressing quickly and went to school.
4. Why have fashion designers done to modernize the ‘ao dai’?
5. Nguyen Du is considered a famous Vietnamese poetry.
6. I wish you come here tomorrow.
7. I teach English here since I graduated from university.
8. We often go for a walk at the weekends.
9. They will come here in 11:30 AM.
10. She has come here since yesterday.
11. He used to work full time, but now he is a part time worker.
12. Minh wishes he will have a new bike.
13. If you study at The Brighton Language Center-UK, you can live in mobile on campus.
14. She said that she liked learning English with you.
15. She asked me where I come from.
Mọi người giúp đỡ em với, em cảm ơn nhiều.


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