Eight photos in which Fàbregas and his partner make it clear that naturalness is overrated

A month ago, Cesc Fàbregas (born Barcelona, 1987) and his wife, Daniella Semaan (Born Lebanon, 1975), mother of the soccer player’s three children – Lia (4 years), Capri (2 years) and Leonardo (4 months) – and two more children from a previous marriage, gave us one of the most bizarre photographs of summer 2017. In it, the two, on holiday in Ibiza, appear in bathing clothes (his was a few sizes smaller than it should have been, hers had sequins and lace), kissing with dubious naturalness. “Cesc, you must have a lot of courage to publish something like that,” commented one of his followers. The wonderful thing is that the image is not the only one of its kind that Cesc has shared with the nine million people who follow him on Instagram.

Although no one obligates him to do so, the Chelsea player usually publishes images that are devoid of any hint of naturalness. Birthdays, anniversaries and spontaneous exaltations of the love he feels for Daniella, a model, become the perfect excuse to feed Instagram with snapshots in which impossible postures and photographic filters reign. In the Fàbregas-Semaan universe, naturalness has long since passed away. These eight images that the player has shared voluntarily on Instagram prove it.

Have you ever wondered what happens if you apply all the Instagram filters in the same photo? Here is the answer. The couple is watching tennis at Wimbledon. A follower commented: “If you put a filter on yourself, you become cardboard.”

The couple may not have been aware of it, but this hodgepodge of hands and legs, tanned and intertwined, is more like a tribute to From Here to Eternity, Fred Zinnemann’s film starring Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr, that a simple picture of love.

In this image, there are so many places to put your eyes that one can reach a level of anxiety. But the infamous red swimsuit of the player, not suitable for someone who is apt to have half-impure thoughts, takes the big prize. Chelsea teammate John Terry wrote the sarcastic message: “Great picture, although I do not know what to think of the swimsuit.”

Even in the hospital room, between tubes and appliances, with a nightgown (she) and cap (he), Fàbregas takes out the selfie stick . There is no truce. Daniella has just given birth to the couple’s youngest son, Leonardo, but she smoothes her hair and gives a half smile on camera. He smiles exultantly with the baby in his arms.

“If I lived again, I would make sure to find you soon to love you as much as possible. Thank you for making me the happiest man in the world every day. Happy Anniversary, my life,” declared the player in this photograph in which they somehow know whether to walk or keep kissing, or both, at the same time.

In this image, where you can only see arms, lots of hair, and incredible views, Fàbregas celebrated Daniella’s birthday with an emphatic hug.

“Nice to meet you Colin Firth,” writes Fàbregas of this moment at the Bafta Awards. Daniella poses as if the encounter with the actor that thrills her husband did not involve her. Firth is dressed elegantly and Fàbregas blinds with that pink tie.

It seems that they are about to break up, but in reality they are celebrating Valentine’s Day. “Why is he kissing her like that? He’s very dominant,” said a follower.

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