Fine Italian Barbery in the Heart of Houston

With soul filled dedication to his guest, seamless delivery of service and a commitment to sustainable hair care, David’s work provides solutions to your hair and style needs while creating a space for your specific enjoyment of the Italian barber experience.  With optimum satisfaction as his objective, David fills each appointment with relevant, harmonious gestures that respond directly to the conditions of your scalp and hair while bringing out your desired look.  Experience a service that delivers sensational ingredients from natural products, not only for the improvement of your hair’s health, but also to enjoy a personalized treatment that elevates your holistic well-being.


David has been featured in media outlets such as Houstonia Magazine, KPRC Channel 2 and Culture Map. He is a proud stockist of unique grooming products from around the world and is a self described “importer” of the Italian barber experience.  He is also a sought-after in-salon educator for technical barber services and is fluent in Italian.

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