Cristiano Ronaldo expressed doubts over son’s chances of reaching top of football in 2020

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Will Cristiano Ronaldo Jr follow in his famous father’s footsteps by becoming a professional footballer?

The eldest child of Ronaldo, who turned 12 in June, has already made headlines thanks to his achievements on the pitch.

Back in 2019, it was reported that Cristiano Jr had scored 58 goals in 28 matches in Juventus’s youth ranks.

He then joined Manchester United’s youth team last summer when his dad secured a move back to Old Trafford and appears to have settled in very well indeed.

During a youth tournament earlier this year, for example, Cristiano Jr was filmed scoring a couple of goals for United’s Under-12s and pulling out his dad’s iconic ‘Siuuuuu!’ celebration.

Because of who his father is, Cristiano Jr stands an excellent chance of becoming a pro footballer if he wants it enough.

Cristiano Ronaldo JrZURICH, SWITZERLAND – JANUARY 09: Cristiano Ronaldo Junior receives The Best FIFA Men’s Player Award from his father Cristiano Ronaldo of Portugal and Real Madrid after The Best FIFA Football Awards 2016 on January 9, 2017 in Zurich, Switzerland. (Photo by Philipp Schmidli/Getty Images)

Ronaldo’s doubts over Cristiano Jr’s chances of reaching the top

Although when asked if his son can reach the top at an awards ceremony in 2020, Ronaldo spoke honestly by expressing some of his doubts.

“Not yet,” Ronaldo responded. “I’m hard with him sometimes because he drinks Coca-Cola and Fanta sometimes and I’m p***** with him.

“I fight with him when he eats chips and fries and everything, he knows I don’t like it.

“Even my small kids, when they eat chocolate they always look to me and, you know, we have to be strong.”

Cristiano Ronaldo

Ronaldo made headlines during Euro 2020 by moving two bottles of Coca-Cola to one side during a press conference before encouraging people to drink water instead.

It was reported that the carbonated soft drink manufacturer lost up to $4 billion as a result of the five-time Ballon d’Or winner’s gesture.

“But to be honest he has potential, he is a big boy, he’s fast and he’s driven well,” Ronaldo added. “But this nothing, I tell him every time, it takes a lot of dedication, a lot of hard work.

“Sometimes when we’re at home I say ‘go to the treadmill to run a bit’ and after the treadmill I say ‘now go to the cold water to recover to do it tomorrow again,’ and it’s ‘daddy, it’s so cold the water I don’t want to do it.’ But I understand it, he’s only 10 years old, it’s up to him.”

Asked if he’d like Cristiano Jr to become a footballer, Ronaldo said: “I’m not gonna push nothing for him to be a football player. If you ask me if I want, yes I want, but he’s gonna be whatever he wants. If he wants to be a doctor or, I just want him thinking ‘I’ve got to be the best.’”

Watch a clip from the interview here:

Cristiano Ronaldo’s mentality is unrivalled

You can see why Ronaldo has achieved so much during his remarkable career with that attitude.

His mentality and professionalism are off the scale.

Cristiano Jr was fortunate enough to be born into a life of luxury, so it’s a big ask to expect that he’ll possess the same inner drive as his dad.

Khabib: Ronaldo worried his son won’t have the same hunger

Ronaldo himself has the same concern, according to UFC legend Khabib Nurmagomedov.

“He told me he wanted his son to succeed him but he was worried his son won’t be able to do it since when Cristiano himself was his age, he could only dream about a pair of simple cleats [boots],” Khabib said in 2021.

“His son has everything. So he’s worried that he will never feel that hunger.”

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