Chus | Mèo Tôm Handmade

Mèo Tôm Handmade is a fashion brand from Vietnam that offers a unique line of handbags, made out of recycled jeans. The brand aims to make products that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also help reduce waste being dumped into the ocean every year.

Yến, the founder, started making handmade handbags out of sheer passion for handicrafts. In the formative years of the brand, Mèo Tôm Handmade only made bags from new materials. However, after analysing and understanding the negative environmental impact of the fashion industry, she decided to reposition Mèo Tôm Handmade as a brand that makes handbags from recycled jeans.

The founder hopes the products will create a great impact for the community and educate people about waste management and sustainable living.

Mèo Tôm Handmade ’s products are great in design, they are highly durable and come with plenty of options to satisfy a wide range of consumers.

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