Cheryl: My Story: Cheryl Cole: 9780007500154: Books

I’m not sure how this book came to be in my kindle library but according to my Amazon account I purchased it on 1st Jan 2013, perhaps it was deal of the day or something, it was certainly an impulse buy.
I am not a big Cheryl fan but I don’t dislike her either. I loved Popstars The Rivals and I was a big X Factor follower although I have to admit to being less interested in recent years. Cheryl was a bright pretty girl and is now a stunning, well dressed woman who I sometimes read about in glossy magazines or see interviewed on TV but that’s where my interest ends.
I chose to read this book simply for a change in reading material and I have to say I really, really enjoyed it.
It would never win any prizes for literary greatness but the grammar and editing is better than many e books and there is a touching honesty to the way it is written ( this doesn’t mean everything written is the truth but I guess we will never really know)
There is very little here that hasn’t been reported in the media but it is told from Cheryl’s point of view and the reader is left with the feeling that she really loved, and still does, love Ashley Cole. That she was surprised by the level of media interest in her life, not sure why but there you go, and that she would live her life quite happily away from the limelight.
Like many I would say that Cheryl got what she wanted with regards to fame and fortune but sadly along with that came a lot that she did not want.
Certainly since her injunction against the media and leaving the X Factor, the face of Cheryl Cole has been far less public and from reading her book one has to assume this is something she has engineered and is what she really wants.
There are rumours that she may return to X Factor this year, based on what is written in this book I would say it is highly unlikely, if she does return I would only assume that this book was another money making project and that there is very little truth in what she has written regarding her desire for a quiet life away from public view…………..somewhat cynical of me I know, but we will see.
Having said all that, great read Cheryl, well done!

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