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Blue Ivy Carter, the oldest child of Beyonce and Jay-Z, is lending her voice to Matthew A. Cherry’s “Hair Love” audiobook.Cherry tweeted the Audible link on Monday along with a brief clip.“Dreamscape presents ‘Hair Love,’ by Matthew A. Cherry,” says a child’s voice. “Narrated by Blue Ivy Carter.”Also Read: Netflix Sets New Animated Series From ‘Hair Love’ Director Everett Downing and Patrick HarpinOn Twitter, the reaction to little Carter’s narration announcement was substantial. The child’s named trended almost immediately as celebrities and other users congratulated Cherry and heralded her being chosen.Gabrielle Union tweeted, “This is the gift that just keeps on giving!! Being able to hear Blue Ivy give voice to this masterful story is so awesome. They try to bury us, not knowing we are seeds of strength and beauty. LOVE!”Television host Gia Peppers was excited, writing, “HOLD UP. You got BLUE IVY CARTER TO NARRATE YOUR AUDIO BOOK?!? MATTHEW. A. CHERRY. YOU BOOKED THEEEE BLUE IVY?!?” She added a few crying emojis for emphasis.Also Read: HBO Max Orders ‘Young Love’ Animated Series Based on ‘Hair Love’ Short Film by Matthew A CherryThe account for women’s lifestyle publication xoNecole declared the little girl “booked and busy.”Elsewhere, users pointed out that Carter was ideal for the position because they’d seen rude comments about her hair online and in the media for years.Others noted that Carter’s parents have given her credit on a number of their own projects, so “narrator” is really just the latest addition to her blossoming resume. One user questioned whether working with the 8-year-old is an even “bigger flex” than working with her superstar mother.In July, HBO Max ordered 12 episodes of a new animated series called “Young Love,” based “Hair Love,” which won an Academy Award.The series, which will follow the same characters introduced in the short film, will be executive produced by Blue Key Entertainment’s Monica A. Young, who produced “Hair Love,” along with Lion Forge Animation’s David Steward II and Carl Reed.— Matthew A. Cherry (@MatthewACherry) November 9, 2020Read original story Blue Ivy Carter, Beyonce and Jay-Z’s Daughter, to Narrate ‘Hair Love’ Audiobook At TheWrap

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