BBC One – Strictly Come Dancing – Nicky Byrne

He’s used to singing in front of thousands of people, but how will singer-songwriter Nicky Byrne cope whilst holding a Strictly Come Dancing pro-dancer instead of a microphone?

When Westlife were on Strictly, I remember looking at the contestants and seeing the fear in their eyes

Nicky Byrne

Nicky is one quarter of Irish pop band Westlife. The group sold over 45 million records worldwide and accumulated 14 number-one UK singles including Flying without Wings, Unbreakable and Queen of My Heart.

Nicky was born in Dublin, and from a young age demonstrated skills as a talented goalkeeper. He signed for Leeds United when he was 15 years old, although he was released from his contract two years later.

In 1998 Nicky’s life changed after attending an audition for a new Irish boyband, Westside, although the name was later changed to Westlife.

Over their 14 years together the group had seven top-ten albums and recorded studio and live performances with Mariah Carey, Lulu and Diana Ross. They also performed live duets with artists as diverse as Roy Orbison and Kevin Spacey.

In 2011 the Irish boyband, managed by Louis Walsh announced that they would all be going their separate ways following a farewell tour in 2012.

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