Ashley Adams Age, Height, Hobbies And Education

Ashley Adams spent her childhood in Florida. She has an American nationality. Ashley has shown the essence of her acting in most videos and web scenes.

Who is Ashley Adam?

Ashley Adam is a famous American actress, p*rnographer and model. She was born on August 7, 1996, in Tampa Florida, United States of America. But it is said that she was an intelligent student and always got good grades. Ashley joined Jehovas’ witness.

As far as the family is concerned, there is no information in the media regarding her parents. It is not known who their siblings are and where they are.

Ashley Adams Career

Speaking of her career, Ashley started her career at the age of 18. Ashley has appeared in more than 401 films. Her career started in 2014 with AV Industry. Ashley plays a bold character and works in the adult industry.

She says that she enjoys her job very much. She always wanted to be s*xy and hot and people always wanted her to be upbeat.

In addition to the famous studios in which she worked, some of the film studios such as BB network AMK’s Empire and Pulse distribution, Bad Turn (2013), ghost notes (2008), Against my religion and Austin high (2014) are included.

Ashley Adams has also worked with some of the biggest actresses in her videos, including Lela Star and Aria Alexander. Ashley’s ancestry is a combination of Irish Italian and Greek. she started her career in the adult industry.

When it comes to her diet, she is non-vegetarian and usually likes meat based food. She is also very concerned about her fitness and often does workouts in the gym.

It is true that her career has just begun but she has made a name for herself and emerged as a successful talent. 

When it comes to her private life, she likes to keep it very limited. And she never exposes her personal life to the media. When it comes to her marital status, she is still single and is not in any kind of relationship. She says that she is not dating anyone and she is living a successful and happy independent life.

What Are Ashley Adams Hobbies?

Apart from acting and modeling, she also has many hobbies. she loves to travel. she is also very interested in support. She spends her free time studying music and modern literature.

She also meets with her fans. When it comes to her nature, she is friendly and lively. As far as her social media accounts are concerned, she has her own account on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat and TikTok.

And often put stories and so on. If we talk about her followers then there are a huge number of her followers on social media who like her and want to stay updated about her life. she has about 16 followers on her Instagram account and her number of posts is just about71.

Ashley Adams has a very attractive figure. She has uploaded many of her hot and glamour pictures on her Instagram account. Her figure is very much liked. And most of the people also comment on her post and also appreciate her figure.

She has thousands of subscribers on YouTube. Ashley says that if ever she gets a chance she would like to live in Italy. This is her dream country. Ashley’s primary source of income is her acting skill and modeling.

When it comes to her net worth, it is almost 10000 USD to 500000 USD. She is financially stable and earns good money.

The media also doesn’t have any information about where she lives at the moment. But he recently posted a post on her Instagram account asking her fans if you live in Tampa.

To which she replied that she does not live in Tampa. Remember that Tampa Florida is her birthplace and according to some reports she still lives there but she she confirmed this news incorrectly.

Ashley Adams age

Ashley is an American model and actress. She was born on August 7, 1996 in the United States. Her zodiac star is Leo. And this calculation makes her age 25 years in 2022. She is quite young and fit. Her real beauty is her figure and in the adult industry in which she works, there is a demand for such a figure. She started her career in 2014 when she was 18 years old.

She basically works in web series and videos. It’s been a while since she has been in the industry. But despite this, she has gained a good reputation and people have liked her work very much.

In a story on her Instagram, she was asked who your favorite stars are. So she mentioned the name of “Dustin” that she likes to work with him. She is very active on Instagram and often shares her artistic and romantic videos on social media.

How Tall Is Ashley Adam?

Ashley’s age at the time is about 26 years. If we talk about her height, she is 5 feet and 6 inches. When we talk about in centimeters, it is 168 cm. This is considered a good ideal height.

As you all know that by profession she is a model and actress, so her figure and height is very ideal. When it comes to her weight, according to media reports and research, her weight is 55 kg. She looks physically fit and active.

Ashley Adam figure size is 34DD-24-34. Her dress size has also been shared in the media which is 38 EU. Ashley Adams shoe size is 8, her chest size is 34, her waist is 24 and her hip size is 35 inch.

When it comes to her eyes and hair color, they are brown. As you know she is a model, so she is also very fond of clothes. And she has a long list of favorite clothing brands, which has a long list including Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Levi Strauss & Co and Luis Vuitton are included. If we talk about her favorite gadgets, it includes a smartphone, Digital camera and smartwatch.

Which Car Does Ashley Have?

The media has no information about which car she has. She is also fond of pets and her favorite pet is a dog. She likes fiction movies. Her favorite movie is blood diamond. Her favorite food is make and cheese.

Ashley Adams is a very famous actress and model. She started her career when she was just 18 years old. She started her professional career with Adult Industries in 2014. She is famous for creating web scenes and videos.

Ashley has her own channel on YouTube on which she keeps posting her web videos etc. She also has a lot of subscribers. Ashley is a bold actress and looks quite confident while doing bold scenes.

She always keeps herself up to date. She is very concise about her figure. Ashley has also set a proper routine for her workout. She also goes to the gym and does workouts.

Due to her attractive figure, her fan following is quite high. As for Ashley’s personal life, her parents were not informed to the media about her siblings. It is said that her birthplace is Tampa Florida and she has been living there with her parents.

Ashley Adams School And Studies?

She spent her childhood there and did her schooling from a primary and high school there. She then did her bachelor’s degree. It is said that she was very good at studies and always got good grades.

As for their siblings, no one has any information about it. Ashley Adams has never mentioned her sibling nor has she introduced anyone on the spot. She has kept her life very private; she doesn’t even have many friends. Ashley Adams usually hangs out with her colleagues and people she works with.

She also has a good friendship with Dustin. Ashley Adams also shares pictures with him on her Instagram account. But she does not share anything about her personal life with anyone, which is why no one knows about her parents.

Her relationship status is yet not clear as if she is single or if she is dating someone. They live their lives on their own, earn their money. And she herself lives another quiet life.

She is very fond of vacationing and traveling and often travels. And share her pictures with her fans.

She says her dream place in Italy. She wants to spend her life there. If we talk about their recent location, it is not possible to say where she lives nowadays. She says she can’t tell anyone where she lives because of security concerns.

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