After the loss of channels, YouTuber Free Fire “million sub” Rikaki Gaming ambitious to run some new “projects”

The job specific change also causes certain troubles for male streamer. He said that, as a professional content creator, when working as a YouTuber, Rikaki also has less problems with content creation, mainly from fans changing his tastes. must adapt continuously. Besides, the competition also comes from many other quality content channels.

So, when considered as one of the influencers in this game, his feelings of pride are easy to understand: “Always one of the channels that Free Fire gamers choose to watch to update information, our channel has some main areas such as Free Fire news, community content, esports tournaments, interesting things. .. are all very popular with you. I always try to convey clean, healthy and useful content to people who love Free Fire game ”.

After the loss of channels YouTuber Free Fire million sub Rikaki Gaming ambitious to run some new projects | GameK

If you are interested and regularly follow this male YouTuber, fans must not forget the recent unlucky incident that he had when he had the channel shut down and the “buffalo” sent an email blackmail. Talking about this incident, the guy said: “This problem stems from a site on the Internet using its images and words towards the anti Free Fire community, so my channel was flagged to report, leading to YouTube temporarily blocking the channel. After I worked with partners Garena and the Google company, Google has confirmed that my channel is not violating and returned the channel to its normal state.

At that time, I had a lot of work to do so I didn’t have time to worry. When the channel is locked, I push the content to the second channel to serve viewers as usual “.

Originally anticipating that every streamer can be attacked on the network environment, but he can only prevent it by always following the policy terms from Google, MCN party as well as partner Garena. Rikaki is confident that if the channel has “clean” content, Google and its partners will always support and support them all if something goes wrong.

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