Aaron Carter Gets Welfare Check by Police After Fans Suspect He Was Doing Drugs on Instagram Live

Aaron Carter got a welfare check from police this week after it appeared the singer was doing drugs during an Instagram Live session, TMZ reports.

Police told the outlet they received a call Tuesday evening about Carter “possibly overdosing on social media.” Earlier that night, Carter hopped on Instagram Live to chat with followers. At one point, the screen went black and fans thought it sounded like Aaron was huffing air duster, as they could hear spraying and inhaling in the background.

Law enforcement responded to Aaron’s home, and said the singer was asleep when they arrived. There were no drugs at the scene, and police confirmed there was no type of suicide attempt either.

Aaron subsequently claimed it was all in good fun, referring to himself “the troll hunter” while spraying what appeared to be an air freshener. “I’m tired of people coming after me so I trolled everybody,” he told TMZ.

Carter, who’s never shied away from opening up about his past drug addiction, claims to be five years sober.

Earlier this week, Carter announced plans to sue his on-off girlfriend Melanie Martin for defamation in response to claims that he broke her ribs, which he says is not true. While speaking with TMZ reporters, Aaron said his forthcoming lawsuit will look like “Johnny Depp/Amber Heard 2.0”

Watch Carter speak with TMZ about the defamation lawsuit in the video below.


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