Michel Gagné – XEKO Game

animals of a remote and exotic island are in
danger…the power to save them is in the
Xeko game has been passed down through the ages
from Xeko Master to Apprentice for the purpose
of training new members to balance the Earthworks.
Xeko Masters are gathering to help defend the
strange and wonderful animals of Madagascar,
one of the most fantastic—and threatened—places
on earth.

the secrets of Xeko and explore
the African island of Madagascar, where wild and
crazy creatures hang from every branch. Meet teeny-tiny
pygmy leaf chameleons, critically-endangered lemurs,
a tomato frog that oozes poison, and an adult comet
moth with no mouth. Compete to gain special powers
from Xeko cards and wage turf wars with species and
boost cards. The player with the most Eco-points
wins the game.

Xeko stimulates
interest in science and nature by combining collectible
cards and wild animals.

Mission: Madagascar
begins our adventure
and is the initial collector card set. Amazing
animals, globe-trotting adventure, eye-popping
illustrations, and challenging strategy make Xeko
a hit.

The Mission:
collection comes in a fantastically
packaged Starter Set that contains
an oversized 4-color play mat with a poster on
the back, 50 cards for a 2-player game, two learn-to-play
guides, and a rule book. Booster packs include
nine cards in a random selection of the 116 card
collection, and every Booster Pack includes at
least one endangered card.

here to order.

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