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(Written 7-21-22)

Let’s not beat around the bush here – Hwayoung is insane. She’s easily one of the strongest single-target damage dealers in the game. Although Hwayoung doesn’t have the ability to trigger a critical hit, she more than makes up for it with the entire rest of her kit. With her high base ATK, a boost in ATK in her passive, extra damage in her s1, barriers to keep her alive, and her s3 having an incredible damage scaling, it’s no wonder why everyone wants a copy of her.

While she isn’t usable in PvE, she’s definitely got her uses in PvP: that use being to obliterate nearly everyone and everything in sight. Hwayoung does rely on having less HP than her enemy in order to get the maximum amount of potential from her s3, but that doesn’t mean building her is harder than other single-target units.

Build Notes

There are only two real stats for a player to worry about when building their Hwayoung; that being ATK% and SPD. HP% is only a little necessary, up to a certain point. It’s been figured out that 12,000 HP is all that a Hwayoung needs; this will be the sweet spot between having the full HP scaling and still having HP that’s low enough to take down a large amount of units.

Some people have put her on Counter before, but someone looking for a guaranteed safe build should go for Speed. Of course, Crit Rate and Crit DMG would be completely wasted on her.

Generally, you’ll want your Hwayoung’s stats to look like this:

  • 12,000 HP
  • 1,500 DEF
  • 6,500+ ATK (7,000 and up is preferable; some people can get up to 8,000)
  • 180~ Speed

It’s very easy to stack ATK on Hwyaoung, due to her high base attack and her passive.

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