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As public relations and marketing professionals, we are constantly thinking about what more we can do for our clients. We are looking at ways to make our clients better thought leaders or build new content for marketing purposes. Why not help some clients start a vlog? A vlogger is a profession where one creates a video on a specific topic then post them to a video sharing platform like YouTube. Sounds easy? It really is with these 7 killer tips from guest blogger George Minton!

7 Killer Tips on How to Become a Professional Vlogger

1. Determine niche and research

In determining niche, you must consider your interest and the potential of it to attract a reasonable number of audience. This will guarantee you that all your audience, and yourself, will enjoy every video you created and shared. After determining your niche, you should research your possible competitor with the same niche. You should know what works for them and what’s not. This will be your guide to always make things right and avoid making the mistakes they’d experience.

2. Create a channel on any video sharing platforms and understand how it works

When everything is set, you’ve to create your own video channel. There are several video sharing platforms today, choose what you think best fit your interest and skills. Also, take time to familiarize yourself with how it works to have a smooth and organized process.

3. Create video

Once you have a channel, the next thing to do is creating the video. The first thing is your camera, then make sure the videos are:

  • Informative, well-research and original. People research on the internet to find answers, so, make sure your video’s content is helpful and true. Put a little humor in it for your audience to be entertained as well. Also, always be original. Remember, nobody likes a copycat. Use tools to check your grammar and for plagiarism to ensure its authenticity.
  • Use the recommended video format and settings for your videos. Make it mobile-friendly as well to widen your visibility to your audience.
  • Include a Call-to-Action. When people love your channel, they will surely ask for more. A call-to-action is your way to convince them to come back and watch more of your videos.
  • Provide an HTML link to give your audience convenience in sharing it on their site or social media.
  • Include your URL in your video for your audience to easily know where to find you.
  • Ask questions and answer them. People will always have questions, so, make sure you included in your video the most frequently asked questions about your topic. This will help your audience to easily understand your topic.

4. Optimize your videos and get discovered

Optimizing videos is a way for the video sharing platform to discover your content and give the attention you deserve. For this to happen, make sure to include all the important factors in your video such as title, file name, tags, and descriptions.

5. Publish regularly

To keep your audience hook on your channel, you must ensure that you’ll stay active and publish more engaging videos.

6. Interact with your audience in the comment section

Vlogging is all about building a relationship with your audience and comment section is the best part of your channel where you can effectively interact with them. Take advantage of it.

7. Share your video on social media

Social media are effective platform for video sharing – it’s free and people are always active. Make sure to make use of it to broaden your reach and visibility.

The tips may seem to be overwhelming. But it’s just like any other profession, it will only be overwhelming at first because it requires a lot of hard work, creativity and patience in both researching and building the video. But once you familiarize yourself to the process, everything will start to pay off – literally.

George Minton
George has been a camera enthusiast from 2008. Cameraseals is his personal blog where he shares most of his interests and experiences from using cameras. You will find helpful topics even if you’re a beginner or long-time user.

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