4Minute and the “Crazy” Comeback — The Kraze

While the track is one of 4Minute’s most popular, with fans to this day still reacting whenever ”Crazy” is mentioned, it wasn’t without controversy. Many fans of BIGBANG and fellow girl group 2NE1 accused 4Minute of plagiarism, stating that scenes from the music video were too similar to scenes from G-DRAGON’s music video for his solo track “One Of A Kind” and claiming that 4Minute stole 2NE1’s concept. There was a third accusation of plagiarism in regards to the track itself, with a Korean blogger stating that the track had lifted beats from Knife Party’s “Boss Mode.” However, this accusation was laid to rest when one of the producers stepped in on Twitter and said he didn’t hear a resemblance. 

The Comeback Performances

4Minute had their comeback performance on M!COUNTDOWN on February 12, 2015, where they performed “Cut It Out” and “Crazy.” “Cut It Out” alternates between trap and Europop, with the verses standing out as more aggressive and the choruses bringing in the pop element, and the stage design showed this alternation as well. During the verses, the large screens in the back displayed chains over a chain link fence and neon green splashes, but once the chorus kicked in, the displays changed to bright yellow and soft white. And while there is some choreography to the performance, it’s definitely not as prominent as the performance for “Crazy.”

Much like the music video, the stage design for the performance of “Crazy” was all white, with 4Minute wearing outfits from the music video. The coolest part of this comeback stage was the cut between the pre-choruses and choruses, where the members each donned their white bucket hats with their names on them, before cutting back to the girls sans hat. 

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