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Dưới đây là các thông tin và kiến thức về chủ đề titi hay nhất do chính tay đội ngũ sgo48 chúng tôi biên soạn và tổng hợp:

1. titi – Wiktionary

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Khớp với kết quả tìm kiếm: Callicebus là một chi động vật có vú trong họ Pitheciidae, bộ Linh trưởng. Chi này được Thomas miêu tả năm 1903. Loài điển hình của chi này là Simia personatus É. Geoffroy, 1812….. read more

titi - Wiktionary

2. titi

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Tóm tắt: Define titi. titi synonyms, titi pronunciation, titi translation, English dictionary definition of titi. n. pl. ti·tis 1. A shrub or small tree of warm wetland regions of the Americas, having leathery leaves and small white flowers clustered in racemes.

Khớp với kết quả tìm kiếm: The titis, or titi monkeys, are the New World monkeys of the subfamily Callicebinae, which contains three extant genera, Cheracebus, Callicebus, ……. read more


3. titi | primate

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Tóm tắt: titi, (genus Callicebus), also spelled teetee, any of about 20 species of small arboreal monkeys that have long furred tails and are found in South American rainforests, especially along the Amazon and other rivers. Titis have long, soft, glossy fur and rather flat, high faces set in small, round heads. Even the largest species weighs less than 2 kg (4.4 pounds), and they measure about 25–60 cm (10–24 inches) long, with a tail of about the same length. Titis may be dark brown, gray, reddish, or blackish, depending on the species, with lighter or differently coloured underparts, face, limbs, and

Khớp với kết quả tìm kiếm: › watch…. read more

titi | primate

4. Leadership Team | Citi | Titi Cole | Chief Executive Officer – Legacy Franchises

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Tóm tắt: Titi Cole is Chief Executive Officer of Legacy Franchises

Khớp với kết quả tìm kiếm: NounEdit · A tree of the southern United States (Cliftonia monophylla) having glossy leaves and racemes of fragrant white flowers succeeded by one-seeded drupes….. read more

Leadership Team | Citi | Titi Cole | Chief Executive Officer - Legacy Franchises

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