The Legatum Center at MIT – Christy Le (LeDiep Kieu Trang)

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Christy Le (LeDiep Kieu Trang)

2009 – 2010


Legatum Fellow

MBA, Sloan School of Management

Christy is developing an educational services venture. Her company leverages excess academic talent at cities with a high concentration of universities in combination with telepresence technology to create scalable and easily deployable solutions to meet the growing demand for international education throughout Asia. Starting with locally available talent in Cambridge, Massachusetts, she will deliver high-quality educational curricula and related services to an immediately addressable market segment in Vietnam.

Christy served as the Chief Representative Officer of Leading Business Club (LBC), a consortium of the largest Vietnamese companies, where she formulated strategy and organized events for a variety stakeholders ranging from LBC executives to government officials to international commerce advisors. Prior to LBC, Christy was a Global Markets and Institutional Sales Manager with HSBC in Vietnam where she led the team that designed the first Vietnam-based derivatives. Christy graduated in the top five of her undergraduate course at Oxford University, where she earned a BA in economics and management and an MPhil in economics. On the side, Christy founded and serves as president of Alabaster Design, a creative agency specializing in identity, print, and web design for Vietnam & US clients.

In 2006, Christy received one of 10 “Women Who Have Touched the Nation’s Heart” Prizes from the Vietnam National Women’s Federation.


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