Mr. Park Hang-seo identifies coaching as a profession that must be met and overcome with envy

Professional pressure and pressure off the field are indispensable factors in the career of any coach. Up to this point, Park Hang-seo can be said to be the coach who received the most pressure in the history of Vietnamese football, during the time he led the team. The Korean coach always has to maintain a psychological balance in front of fans’ expectations. In the face of landmark decisions, we always see Mr. Park’s steadfastness and maturity. Those are indeed remarkable things about the personality of the 65-year-old coach.

As the leader and completely in control of personnel issues, tactics and approach to each match of the Vietnamese teams, Coach Park always thinks that he must be an example for the players to take as their own. motivation to strive. He believes that there are two factors to becoming a successful coach, that is, being exemplary and never giving up in the face of pressure.


Being flexible with modern football trends will help the team easily achieve good results. Not only Coach Park Hang-seo but any coach in the world always changes himself to win achievements. Change here does not mean losing consistency, but flexibly improving and renewing your own philosophy, so that the team’s gameplay becomes more effective. Mr. Park has done this very well with Vietnamese football, although there are still a large number of fans who have been, are and will probably continue to criticize him.

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