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This was a 4 episode Korean drama that aired in Feb. and March, 2014. It is available to watch on the dramaload.com site, you can download avi video files and English subs for it there.

The story is beautifully shot and well written, has a lovely musical score, and the two main actors are breathtakingly beautiful to look at, especially the lead actor.

A young artist has lost his memory after an accident and no longer remembers the girl he loved in high school, whose ghost follows him around, hoping to find some way to get him to remember her. A grim reaper warns her that if he does remember her that she will have to leave his side permanently. The grim reaper gives her a box of matches with the word Lupin on it and tells her that whenever a match is lit that the boy will be able to see her for just that amount of time that each matchstick burns.

Little by little he regains his memory but then he falls in love with her ghost and does not want to part from her.

The whole ambiance of this short drama is haunting and I wished it had gone on for more episodes. I will be following the careers of these two lead actors because they were so impressive in their roles.

If you love Korean drama do not miss this one.

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